Our Food Ministry


Mathew 25:35-45 “ I was hungry and you gave ME something to eat, thirsty and you gave ME something to drink … “
The stark reality of hunger is everywhere. No one is exempt; the statistics are staggering and sobering. The need is great and becoming greater every day. That’s a documented fact. Plain and simple…and brutally frightening that hunger can be so rampant in your own county . Hunger is an epidemic of mass proportion.

What is more frightening than hunger itself is not doing anything about it. Many years ago, Pastor Ron had a vision. His vision was that of feeding those in need – a good place to start would be to feed those in our very small community. Of course he prayed and prayed unceasingly about it. Yet, the reality of hunger continued to grow despite his and the prayers of others. He knew in his servant’s heart that something had to be done. In addition to prayer, someone had to make a difference. It was revealed that that someone was him. His servant’s heart birthed His Food Ministry almost 4 years ago. A food ministry whose mission is to not just feed bellies, but also souls.

Others who have servant’s heart and a strong resolve to feed needy in their local communities has grown exponentially. His Food Ministry currently provides quality food at discounted prices in 5 states not just to churches, but we now serve daycares and Christian schools